Photoshop Experience

Excellent, fun, and fascinating. These are the three words I would describe the experience in the brochure making. I enjoy and learned a lot in the process. I searched a lot of samples to guide me in making my own design in my brochure. I asked my older brother on how to use photoshop and taught me some basics. I didn’t think that I could finish it and pass it in time. It was a fun experience because I now know on how to use photoshop. I believe that I can use it in the future especially during my college days. I learned the basic use of tools and this project helped me know on how to do it. If I were to make the same project I would use my basic knowledge in photoshop and search for tutorials on how to do the tricks in photoshop.


Be Healthy be Happy

In making a video or PSA, we can learn a lot of things. We gain new knowledge and experience, we search for new information. I gained a lot in making my PSA; I learned the value of eating healthy foods and the benefits of exercise and sleeping early. I also involved my brother in my PSA and we had so much fun. He did push ups and I did stretching, it was a wonderful time to bond. I used some food like apple and we demonstrated a little exercise. Being healthy requires discipline and without discipline you will have a hard time maintaining your body healthy. You can do more and have a happy life if you will have a healthy and fit body. Imagine all the things you cant do if you are not able. Imagine a life just sitting in front of your computer scrolling and doing nothing. We can change that by being active and see more to life. Try to be happy by being healthy.

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Prom Day

   This February 21 we will have our prom day. I don’t know what to do in a prom that is why I am excited to have our prom. It will be my first time and I hope it will be fun. I wish nothing will happen that can destroy or stop the prom. I am looking forward and I hope I learn many things and experience a lot of things. I hope I can fulfill my duties to my partners and have fun with all my classmates that are in the event.

New Dog

               We have a new family member now his name is Maki. We bought him in our neighbor and he has a sister.  He is so adorable and cute, he is fluffy too. He is mixed terrier and Shih Tzu, he is playful and he likes to chase cats. He likes to play with her sister and loves to eat, especially bones which he really loves to knit. He also likes to sleep in our mat, and likes to be played.  Now I’m still discovering things on what he can do, and we are still training him. I hope he grows more and will not give us a headache in raising him.

Learn to watch

Last week I watched the anime “Kuroko no baske” It is about basketball. The main character in this anime is Kuroko together with kagami, they play basketball using teamwork and with teamwork they try to win every game they play. It is a cool anime because it also teaches us the value of friendship where they face a lot of problems but they surpassed it because of teamwork.

We learn a lot of things in watching things or observing, even if we just sit and watch there are a lot to learn. Now the episodes of this anime is getting exciting and I cant wait to watch the next episode because of the effort they are showing in the game.

Continue Life

All of us have a story of our own; sometimes we do crazy things and don’t know if it is right or wrong. We all commit mistakes even our parents’ commit mistakes. We are big enough to make decision for ourselves but sometimes we don’t know if we did the right thing. That is why we ask for guidance in our parents, teachers, friends, and especially God. We ask for advices to do the right thing or to know the right thing to do in our problems.

All of us have problems but some are good in hiding them and show a smile to others. Some of us with one look can tell that they have problems. We are just humans and we can’t be perfect, that’s why we learn from our mistakes. I hope we really learn from our mistakes and know what is right from wrong. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it.

How Lucky

    When I was spending my vacation with my family, a lot of things happened. I became closer with my brother and cousins. I learned and realized a lot of things during my vacation, I became a better person and a good son to my parents. During my vacation while watching T.V I saw the survivors of Yolanda. I suddenly realized that I’ve been lucky that I am spending my Christmas with my family and we are happily eating the food that my parents served. I then asked myself if the survivors are spending their Christmas together with their family or are they eating the same food we are eating. I am lucky to have my parents and enjoy Christmas with them I hope that all of us realized on how lucky we are celebrating with our family and enjoying with them.